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Tobeyaki potter

A smooth ivory-colored “pale yellow porcelain - TANOJI” that was praised both in Japan and overseas in the middle of the Meiji era. As its name suggests, Tobe was opened by the first generation, Syuten Nishioka, who has repeatedly challenged to regenerate porcelain with a slightly glossy, soft, glossy beauty using modern technology. Eiryuji Kiln The second generation, Takayasu Nishioka, whose father is Syuten, also supported Kutani ware's living national treasure, Minori Yoshida, and incorporated its techniques into Tobe porcelain. I challenge the possibilities every day.
1986  Opened by the first generation, Syuten Nishioka
1994  Smoked products presented by Hitachi Palace
2000  Dedication of fishing rod at Iyozu Hikonomikoto Shrine
2005  Mongolian Ulaanbaatar “Tobe Yaki Exhibition”
2009  London, UK "Tobe Yaki London Exhibition 2009"


Street address
1326 Miyauchi, Tobe-cho, Iyo-gun, Ehime Prefecture 791-2120
TEL: 089.962.6069
MAIL: eiryuujigama@gmail.com